Foreign M62s


‘Gagarin’ is one of my favorite locomotives. I can’t resist the temptation to include several pictures of foreign M62s.




M62-1535, Byelorussian railways BCh, photographed near Siemianówka, Poland, on Septemper 21, 2003.




Four photographs by Marek Graff (thanks for permission!): two M62s from BCh with M62-1722 in front, Brest, July 1, 2006...




... and 2M62-0074, BCh, photographed on the same occasion;




2M62-1191, UkrZaliznyza, Rava Russka, August 28, 2006....




... and M62-1603, UkrZaliznyza, photographed on the same occasion (it must have been a rainy day!).




Another visit to Siemianówka: Byelorussian 2M62-0971, photographed on July 26, 2009.




 120 128-4 from the DR fleet, photographed in Halberstadt in August 1978. Photo by Helmut Constabel (from my collection).




 North Korean No. 638, Pyongyang depot, January 23, 2004. Photo by Alexandre Gillieron (from my collection).



DR 120 366-0, preserved at the Traditionsbetriebswerk Strassfurt. Photo by someone known as Rainerhaufe (source:



A lineup of three M62Ums from Mongolian State Railways fleet, headed by M62UM-007; Ulaanbaatar depot, September 15, 2006. Photo by Florian Schmidt (from my collection).



Osthavelländische Eisenbahn 200.1 is the former PKP ST44-161, sold in 2000; photo taken at the Michendorf station on July 19, 2000, by Thomas Splittgerber (from my collection).



120 359-5, DR, photographed at the Pankow depot on June 1, 1991. Photo by Martin Stertz (from my collection). This locomotive was re-numbered 220 359-4 in 1992 and withdrawn in December 1993.



Beautifully preserved 781 168 from the ŽSSK fleet, photographed in Zvolen, Slovakia, on August 7, 2021…



… and manufacturer’s plate from this locomotive. Both photos by Sebastián Langhoffer (thanks for permission!).