Gagarins’ for sale!


Several pictures of ex-PKP ST44s after overhaul, awaiting delivery to Northern Korea (those displaying green livery) and Prignitzer Eisenbahn (blue). Photos by Sławomir Kołtuński (from my collection), taken on October 5, 2000 in Bydgoszcz.



ST44-549, with ST440937 and ST44-542 in the background.



ST44-999, with ST44-840 and SM42-2200 (the latter not for sale!) in the background.



ST44-929, with ST44-937 and ST44-542 on the right.



ST44-937, with ST44-549 in the background and ST44-542 on the right.



ST44-840 between ST44-999 and SM42-2200.



ST44-733, with ST44-749 and ST44-1007 in the background and ST44-929 on the right.




 ST44-749, with ST44-542 and ST44-733 on the left.