Ty42-107 pays a visit to Warsaw on October 4, 2015


On a nice early autumn day, Chabówka-based Ty42-107 visited Warsaw with a special train.



Approaching Warszawa Radość station.



Maneuvering at the Warszawa Falenica station.



It was really a nice, sunny day…



Preparing for the return journey tender first.



My wife Anna, our dog and Ty42-107.



Cab details – a small note in the lower left corner indicates that last repair was completed on April 17, 2013.



Lazy moments…



…in preparation for departure.



Heading tender first to the Warszawa Gdańska station.



Photographers still can’t take enough.



Second round trip on that day…



…was completed in the evening. This picture was taken just a few hundred meters from where I live.